Is this a rock or not? I Would like to know

Jonathan D. Safren yon_saf at
Thu Feb 15 15:52:03 EST 2001

Dave Washburn wrote:
> Do you realize how insulting it is to people who ARE Christian to
> insist that our viewpoint is not entitled to equal time in a discussion
> of the HB?  Or do you not care?
This is not a list for airing theological viewpoints, Jewish, Christian, or
Muslim, fundamentalist, evangelical, Orthodox or otherwise.
It is a list for the scholarly discussion of the Hebrew Bible, and I hope it
remains so.
However, at times Biblical Hebrew does sink into disputation. For this
reason, some of my coleagues refuse to subscribe to this list, preferring
the ANE List instead, where the moderator makes short shrift of anyone who
dares preach his faith to the academic community.
It might be a good idea to adopt such a policy on this list as well.
Jonathan D. Safren
Dept. of Biblical Studies
Beit Berl College
44905 Israel

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