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Charles David Isbell cisbell at
Wed Feb 14 21:42:08 EST 2001

Glen wrote: "Paul mentions numerous times that events of the Old Testament
were but a "foreshadowing"."

Do you not realize how insulting this is to people who are not Christian?
Or do you not care?

Glen again: "Peter Kirk's "physical vs. spiritual sustenance" theory is
theologically proven out (again) in John 7 where Jesus speaks toward the
physical manna consumed in the wilderness by those who "died"; this Jesus
does, in comparison to the spiritual manna which Christ offered to those
"who should not perish".

How can the NT "prove" anything about the meaning of the Hebrew Bible [I
note that you persist in calling it the OLD Testament]?  It can show only
how the early Church chose to reconstruct parts of the Bible for its own
use.  But that does not ipso facto constitute THE meaning of the Hebrew
Bible.  It is only one Christian/NT way of declaring meaning.  When you use
Christian/NT lens of faith as a "pony" to understand and then shovel
Christian meaning backwards onto prior literature, you are not interpreting
the Hebrew Scriptures, but preaching about your own prior commitment to a
system of theology.  Come on.  This list is about B-Hebrew, not
fundamentalist ideas about inerrancy or Christian supersessionism.

Charles David Isbell

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