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Wed Feb 14 15:44:12 EST 2001

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> From: Ian Charles Hutchesson [mailto:MC2499 at mclink.it]
> Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2001 04:24
> Subject: Re: RE: Goliath
> I would ask Dan to stop the gratuitous statements of the kind: 
> > I'm astounded that discussion would continue, but
> > perhaps some have not carefully examined the problems in Samuel's
> > text.

After further thought on this today, i realize that you're correct, Ian.
While i must stand by my position concerning the text, it was not necessary
for me to communicate in the manner in which i did by this statement. I
could have been more careful to appeal to you and others to consider the
corruption in Samuel's text in a more polite manner. I apologize for my
impatience, and to all who were offended by this.

Dan Wagner

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