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Wed Feb 14 08:21:07 EST 2001

Ian Charles Hutchesson wrote:

> It's therefore not strange to find him taking the apologetic approach to the
>  original problem: it simply cannot be (a priori) that there are two
>  different traditions about the death of Goliath. There are not two
>  traditions about the way Saul died. There are not three traditions of the
>  patriarch palming his wife off as his sister. There are not (at least) two
>  traditions regarding the creation of the world. Anyone who thinks so hasn't
>  carefully examined the problems of those texts. One should not disagree with
>  Dan because they, in doing so, must be wrong, ie not examining the texts
>  carefully enough.

My opinion is too, that the Goliath in the David story is an intended fraud.

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