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> > Samuel is well-known for pre-LXX (and post) problems with its
> > transmission and experienced significant lacuna, etc (the worst
> > book of MT). I'm astounded that discussion would continue, but
> > perhaps some have not carefully examined the problems in Samuel's
> > text.
> This last sentence is typical of the writer. Dan drops this 
> sort of *rubbish* in about half his posts. Obviously he 
> includes himself in those who have carefully examined the 
> problems of Samuel's text (and anyone who *disagrees with 
> him* is not included). 

Ian, i said "perhaps" because i don't know. *Perhaps* you have studied the
problems w/ Samuel and are thoroughly familiar with them, and simply reject
the evidence. Perhaps not. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps
you would interpret the evidence differently on what i consider to be a
priori assumptions (just like you think all i believe is a priori!) in order
to find another tradition regardless.  (And i would remind you that only
recently under "worldview" you told me *definitively* that i should study
usage of firmament in Ezekiel 1 before making statements about that term,
but before that debate ended you finally examined the evidence i set forth
several times and confessed that you had made the mistake and that your
point regarding firmament from Ezekiel 1 had been made illegitimately.)

And yes, i include myself as one who has studied Samuel's problems simply
because that is a fact. Are you insisting that i give a list of all the
textual problems in Samuel as compared with other books before i make such a
statement? Like i said, it's well-known, if you'll simply read the work
already done (actually all of Kingdoms 1-4 in LXX are particularly important
for determining the text of Samuel-Kings, showing that there were problems
both before and after LXX, Sam. being the worst, and 1Sm. 13:1 being proof
positive of ancient, pre-LXX unrestorable lacuna). 

I don't feel obligated to follow up every point of disputation in endless
exchanges with you because i don't have that kind of time at work--but you
can believe as you like. I've made my point pretty clear already so each can
examine for himself.

Dan Wagner

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