Qodesh vs Qadosh

Lee R. Martin lmartin at vol.com
Tue Feb 13 18:29:18 EST 2001

Dear Al,
I looked through the places where we find qodesh and qadosh, and found that qadosh is
used mostly as a predicate adjective.  The notable exception is the common phrase
"holy place."  You also find once "holy people" and several times "the holy one."
The construct state is frequently used in an attributive fashion, so I am not sure if
there is any real difference in meaning.
Lee R. Martin

"Silberman, Alfred" wrote:

> I am trying to understand the difference between the noun "qodesh" and the
> adjective "qadosh".
> Specifically, in Ex 22:30 how would the meaning change if instead of the
> noun being used - Ve'anshei qodesh - an adjective would be used as
> "Ve'anashim qedoshim".
> Thank you.
> Al Silberman
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Lee R. Martin
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