Bravo Beit Berl (legitimacy of prophecy)

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> Hello Dan,
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Yes, i'm sorry as somehow i failed to distinguish your comments with my
response in that post. My apologies about that to all.

> Comment: I thought my remarks were biblical-critical. I did 
> not ask for labels 
> as I prefer arguments that examplify the respect of the 
> university classroom. I 
> may be wrong but using a label seems to indicate less than 
> that due respect.

I did not realize that you did not want that label i used and intended it
descriptively as best i understand it. It seemed to me that your post was
focused on the implications of something--rather than the critical analysis
itself--thus my theological label.

> ... if we apply D to P and C we will 
> never understand 
> the growth of the Hebrew Bible. But it will of course make us 
> popular amongst 
> those who want us not to rock the boat, or our salaries. I 
> prefer unpopularity.

I have no salary resulting from my views now (computer tech support while

back in school in the US), but while in Cameroon i lived little to none
above what many of the Africans i taught had (and my savings account dropped
while there!). If i wanted either money or popularity, there is NO way i'd
believe what i teach!

Anyway, i disagree with dividing up the text into various layers by
different editors (P, D, C, etc. [and NT]) with diverse agenda (or with
diverse views of history) as you do, and see it as necessarily a unified
whole. All the Biblical writers are actively and knowingly working together
for a common goal. I also see no need to resist science or Biblical
criticism, though they sometimes become very much in need of reform and
restraint. Anyway, we can go off list for the rest (neo-orthodoxy) if you

Dan Wagner

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