Qodesh vs Qadosh

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On Tue 13 Feb 2001 (07:50:42), alfred.silberman at lmco.com wrote:
> I am trying to understand the difference between the noun "qodesh" and
> the adjective "qadosh".
> Specifically, in Ex 22:30 how would the meaning change if instead of
> the noun being used - Ve'anshei qodesh - an adjective would be used as
> "Ve'anashim qedoshim".

 Dear Al,

 The root QD$ signifies separation, consecration, sanctification, holiness.
 It is the positive concomitant of XRM, signifying devotion to destruction.

 In Exodus 22:30 [31] we have the phrase W:aN:$eY-QoDe$, "and men of holiness".
 This is a Construct pair hyphenated with Metheg. It is an alternative way of
 saying "holy men" with QaDo$ as an adjective, and means the same as
 Wa'a:Na$iYM Q:Do$iYM.

 The clause W:aN:$eY-QoDe$ TiH:YuWN LiY is flowery and oracular, with the Nun
 after TiH:YuW for rhetorical effect. It is a N:'uM YHWH, an oracle of the
 LORD, a solemn declaration.

 That's how it seems to me.

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