Mesha Stele and the Tetragrammaton

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Mon Feb 12 14:24:49 EST 2001

It was written YHWH.

The pronounciation is derived from Greek inscriptions:


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> Dear Friends,
>   Some of the recent discussions on the Mesha Stele has raised some
> interesting questions. I noticed that in the English translation of the
> Stele the Name of the God of Israel is pronounced (with all due
> respect to
> our Jewish friends) "Yahweh". I understand that we really do not know how
> exactly the Name YHWH was pronounced because of the absence of vowels in
> ancient Hebrew and we can only conjecture at its exact pronunciation.Does
> anyone know exactly how the name of Israel's God is written in the Mesha
> Stele? I assume the Moabites shared a Semitic language which
> would also be
> devoid of vowels? Many thanks.
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