Oral tradition and Matthew

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Sat Feb 10 17:32:33 EST 2001

OK, I found that Tannaic tradition about Rahab being the mother of 8
prophets and the
wife of Joshua in Megillah 14b-15a (Babylonian Talmud).  Nothing about
Salmon, yet.

Solomon Landers

Ausra Pazera wrote:

> The same question about Matthew Jewish sources:
> In his book "A Commentary on the New Testament from
> Talmud and Hebraic. Matthew - 1 Corinthians",  J.
> Lightfoot (17th), made references that in the
> Babylonian (Talmud) Gemara (so, in the Jewish Aramaic
> late tradition) it was mentioned that among Rahab's
> posterity there were eight prophets and priests:
> Neriah, Baruch, Seraiah, Maaseiah, Jeremiah, Hilkiah,
> Hanameel, and Shallum, and that she was married by...
> Joshua!
> Yes, it's very interesting from which source or
> tradition did Matthew get his reference about Rahab as
> the mother of Boaz... Maybe someone knows something
> about that more exactly? Thanks.
> Ausra

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