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The same question about Matthew Jewish sources:

In his book "A Commentary on the New Testament from
Talmud and Hebraic. Matthew - 1 Corinthians",  J.
Lightfoot (17th), made references that in the
Babylonian (Talmud) Gemara (so, in the Jewish Aramaic
late tradition) it was mentioned that among Rahab's
posterity there were eight prophets and priests:
Neriah, Baruch, Seraiah, Maaseiah, Jeremiah, Hilkiah,
Hanameel, and Shallum, and that she was married by...

Yes, it's very interesting from which source or
tradition did Matthew get his reference about Rahab as
the mother of Boaz... Maybe someone knows something
about that more exactly? Thanks.


-- Tony Costa <tmcos at hotmail.com> wrote: > Ausra,
>   Good question. I'm not sure if Rahab is mentioned
> as the mother of Boaz in 
> the Hebrew Bible, but we are told in Ruth 4:21 that
> Salmon was the father of 
> Boaz. Matthew 1:5 is the text that mentions Rahab as
> the mother of Boaz, and 
> I think you are right in pointing out that this may
> be due to Matthew's 
> reliance on Jewish tradition.
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