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>     If you knew just a little of history, you would have known that the
> thinking in terms of "race" with regard to the human world, with its roots
> in the nineteenth-century evolutionistic thinking, has brought about a lot
> of inhumanity from those _who allow themselves to use this terminology_. One
> of the results has been the thinking of the perfect Aryan race over against
> the inferior Jewish race, result: next to the death of millions of other
> people, six million Jews, who are killed. Further, what to think of the
> racial laws in the USA untill the sixties/seventies. Or what to think of
> Apartheid (to be sure: a Dutch word, my mother tongue) in South Africa, that
> was terminated  only at the end of the previous century?
>     Next to that, just consider whether the term "race" is adequate when
> talking about Jews. Doing that you will have one very serious problem: the
> Ethiopian Jews. 

While I grant that you have a problem using the term "race" with regard to 
the Jews due to the Felashas (as you point out), I still maintain that this 
virtual banning of a perfectly good word due to historical misuse is Unzinn.

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