Historical info of Jeremiah's day?

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>> I think its pretty clear that Jeremiah made prophecies/predictions
>> about the future of Judah based on his understanding of the covenant.
>> It seems a consistent part of his preaching right through the whole
>> of his life. It seems easier to beleive that Jeremiah really preached
>> that Judah was doomed than to beleive the whole person and ministry
>> of Jeremiah was created after the fall of Jerusalem.
>I wasn't going to get into this one, but Bill's point should be valid
>even from the most unbelieving (or liberal, or skeptical, or whatever the
>correct term is) perspectives. Jeremiah's personal sincerity in 
>opposition to false prophets of his day, combined with the known history 
>of the times (e.g. Lachish Letters and even the similar Hebrew of the 
>period) make a strong case for the integrity of his prophecies. And i 
>don't think many would want to appeal to "unfulfilled prophecy" here!

Do you have any more details on this "known history"?  What are the 
Lachish letters?


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