Isaiah 7.14 and Matthew

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at
Wed Feb 7 00:55:26 EST 2001

Polycarp66 at <Polycarp66 at> wrote on 06-02-2001 21:04:

> Oh great, here we go with the neo-logisms because someone might be
> offended.  
> Enough already.  I don't think anyone is using the terms pejoratively.


Well, it was surely not the intention to offend you with talking about
offensive terminology which recalls an offensive past and offensive

BTW, how old are the words "computer", "e-mail", "discussionlist",
"internet"? Quite a lot neologisms isn't it? Must be rather offensive for
you to have part in such an neologism-culture.

The question is in any case not whether someone did use the terminology in a
pejoratively sense. The question is whether we could be aware of our
terminology, which reflects sometimes a rather painful past. But it might be
too much for you.


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