Correct Latin, please, on B-Hebrew

Stephen C. Carlson scarlson at
Tue Feb 6 20:35:32 EST 2001

I hate to be a pedant, but if we are going to impress our
fellow participants with Latin, it would be more effective
to use it correctly.  Here are some examples, the first of
which really distracted me from the point.

At 04:55 PM 1/30/01 +0100, [name withheld] wrote:
>"virgo intactus"

Although the discussion was about the young woman in Is. 7:14,
this Latin phrase literally means an intact male virgin.  I
do not know what is supposed to meant by that.  The correct
phrase is "virgo intacta"; note the feminine ending in "-a".

At 09:02 PM 2/6/01 +0100, [name withheld] wrote:
>... as those books I can be
>sure about used vaticinio ex eventu, ...

The correct plural is "vaticinia ex eventu", a neuter plural
whose singular is "vaticinium ex eventu".  Or perhaps the
poster meant to write "vaticinatio ex eventu"?

Back to our regularly scheduled Hebrew.

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