Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Tue Feb 6 15:13:26 EST 2001

>Of course did we all know what he meant. But the terminology is wrong and
>has shown to be dangerous. Jonathan's reaction demonstrates that this is
>still fresh in our memories.

I had a cat which learnt by accident how to open the door. It never knew the
exact thing that did the trick and each time performed a series of strange
manouvres until the door finally opened. Only one manouvre was necessary.
All the rest were irrelevant. However the cat could not distinguish that

Language as a tool of manipulation is aimed at those who are unaware of the
process. And its use needs to be an active attempt to manipulate. I think it
is incredible for someone to think that an obviously unpremeditated use of
language (ie read, a better word did not arrive) could be classified in the
moral sense implied by Raymond here. The only real danger is when people are
too willing to think the worst.

I'll also leave Jonathan to contemplate his own reaction.


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