Child theme in Isaiah 6-12

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Tue Feb 6 15:02:53 EST 2001

>Yes, Ian, you made your original point, which I accept: "Aren't all these
>prophecies vaticinio ex eventu, as the status quo suggests, given 1 Enoch
>and Daniel?" And I don't want to start a discussion about Daniel, but
>about Isaiah. I was assuming that Isaiah was prophesying before the fact,
>and you were right to point out that this is unproven.
>My objection was rather to your second posting, when you use the word
>about your alternative hypothesis. I am simply pointing out that this is
>also unproven. If you say "fact", I expect conclusive evidence, which
>doesn't exist either way.

Here is what I said to Jonathan, Peter:

>I was talking about texts and the fact that those "prophetic" books we knew
>for sure about were vaticinio ex eventu, and extrapolating from there.

Tbose "prophetic" books we knew for sure about were Daniel and 1 Enoch as I
had previously stated. I give as fact their use of vaticinio ex eventu.

The extrapolation was from these books to Isaiah: as those books I can be
sure about used vaticinio ex eventu, we have a fair case for Isaiah using it
as well.

I don't see what your problem could be.


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