Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew

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> Harold R. Holmyard III <hholmyard at> wrote on 05-02-2001 13:25:
> >> Just difficult to find the right word at the time. I'll accept anything
> >> is better. "Nationality" didn't seem to be the right word, especially
> >> one thinks of the Diaspora. So, if Jonathan Safren feels he can supply
> >> better word for the *context*, he will be most welcome.
> >
> > The word "ethnic" may be a better term.
> I do not agree, because there is an important religious factor in it too.
> why not just refering to someone as being Jewish, as a Jew, or his
> Jewishness?
> Racial and ethnic have too much negative soundings with regard to the past
> of the Jewish people.

This reinforces Ian's search for a term that defines the aspect of that
from either a religious or a socio-ethnic standpoint.  "Racial" isn't really
the best
term but we all knew what he meant.


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