Child theme in Isaiah 6-12

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Tue Feb 6 03:26:14 EST 2001

>> >The Shear-Jashub prophecies of 10:20-23 must refer to a relatively
>> >future, a time when Israel will return after being struck down or exiled
>> >(see also 11:10-12).
>> Aren't all these prophecies vaticinio ex eventu, as the status quo
>> given 1 Enoch and Daniel?
>That's what the messianic belief is all about, Ian, as I claimed in a
>previous posting: the failure of biblical prophecy and the need felt to
>re-interpret it in view of its failure.


I was talking about texts and the fact that those "prophetic" books we knew
for sure about were vaticinio ex eventu, and extrapolating from there. I
hadn't got on to beliefs. If we are dealing with vaticinio ex eventu, there
can be no "failure" in the prophecy. I can't see the connection between your
comments and the post you are responding to.


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