Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew ("ethnic")

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"Ethnic" is a much better word, Ian, lacking the negative connotations of
"racial". Pf cpirse, one can argue about the connotations of "ethnic" as
well, and some people will claim that Jews are not an ethnic group, as I
stated in a previous posting. But at least the term doesn't have negative
As for the author of Matthew, I would think that his "ethnicity", plus many
other factors, such as the historical circumstances or the intended
audience, are of importance in his interpretation of the verse under

Any study of the history of interpretation of biblical p[assages has to take
these many factors into account.
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> Harold wrote:
> >The word "ethnic" may be a better term.
> Yep, that'll do fine. It's a word I could have thought of.
> >"I haven't taken a position on Matthew's ethnic heritage"
> I hope it will appease Jonathan. Words are so barbed.
> Ian
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