Child theme in Isaiah 6-12

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Mon Feb 5 17:52:49 EST 2001

Peter wrote:

>The Shear-Jashub prophecies of 10:20-23 must refer to a relatively distant
>future, a time when Israel will return after being struck down or exiled
>(see also 11:10-12).

Aren't all these prophecies vaticinio ex eventu, as the status quo suggests,
given 1 Enoch and Daniel?


[Historical note on Dan 5: this text is  unaware of the fact that Belshazzar
died a day or so before the fall of Babylon in the battle of Opis and that
the actual king, Nabonidas, had returned to Babylon.]

>Presumably this restoration after disaster is parallel
>to the shoot from the stump of 11:1. So the prophet contrasts the present
>Israel, under corrupt leadership and destined for destruction, with the
>future restored Israel under a perfect and endless leadership (9:2,
>This eternal aspect of the promise also gives it an eschatological flavour
>i.e. it is something predicted which goes beyond current experience. I
>suppose chapter 2 also refers to this time of future restoration (compare
>2:4 with 11:6-9), but I am not sure how this passage relates to chapters

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