Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at
Sun Feb 4 16:42:33 EST 2001

Harold R. Holmyard III <hholmyard at> wrote on 04-02-2001 21:18:

> It is highly unlikely to me that Matthew was a Gentile. Jesus was sent to
> the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The twelve disciples correspond to
> the twelve tribes of Israel.

Dear Harold,

With regard to Matthew the disciple you are correct. However, when I refered
to Matthew, I should have said "the author of the gospel Matthew",
because, as was said before in this discussion, the gospel Matthew is
anonymous. Accordingly we do not know anything of the author except for what
can be derived from what he has written.
However, I do not exclude the possibility he was a Jew, but others say he
was not. I do not say (and did not say) anything more than that.


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