Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at
Mon Feb 5 02:29:51 EST 2001

Harold R. Holmyard III <hholmyard at> wrote on 05-02-2001 03:11:

> Ian, if you want to disregard the strong and united, if I remember
> correctly, testimony of the ancient Church that the apostle Matthew wrote
> the Gospel of Matthew, then you are free to do so. Thanks for clarifying
> the thinking of those who might consider the Gospel's author to be a
> Gentile.


In addition, the ancient church also thought that the author wrote the
gospel in Hebrew. Moreover, there is also testimony that the anonymous
letter to the Hebrews is from Paul.

Both these assumptions by the ancient church are to be doubted, and likewise
the assumption that Matthew wrote the gospel is open for scholarly research.



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