RAMBI (was: Re[2]: Isaiah 45)

Søren Holst sh at teol.ku.dk
Sat Feb 3 15:57:49 EST 2001

> Can you inform us what RAMBI means, I cannot find any previous
> instructions
> which would give information? Is it on the web; is it a library system on
> CD-rom?
I'm afraid the instructions mentioned were sent to my humble self and not to
the list. Here they are, and thanks a lot to professor Safren

Soren Holst, Copenhagen

One accesses RAMBI, the Index of Articles on Jewish Subjects,  by using
Telnet, a program that is included alaong with Windows.
While online, click on Start>Run.
Type "telnet" and enter. A Telnet window opens.
On the menu bar, select "Connect" and click.
A pull-down menu opens. Click on "Remote System". A "Connect" window opens.
Enter as Host Name: ram2.huji.ac.il and click on the "connect" button.
A screen entitled "The Hebrew Ujniversity" appears. At the bottom, you see
the word "Username". Type in the word "aleph"
A screen entitled "Terminal selection" appears.
At the bottom type in the number 11 and enter.
The main screen of the Hebrew University Library appears, with various
search codes.
Type in "lb" and enter. You now have access to the entire Israeli Axademic
Library System.
A window opens with a number of possibilities. Choose the one you want and
enter. Of the possible choices, Choice F. is RAMBI, "Index of Articles on
Jewish Subjects". So type in "F" and enter.
You are now in the main screeen of RAMBI with search codes. You can switch
languages (Hebrew, Russian, Arabic) by typing a question mark ("?"). enter,
and on the screen that appears, type in the code indicated for the language
you want and enter.
The online version of RAMBI indexes articles from 1985 and on. The index
exists in hardcopy as an annual from 1967 on, and is published by the Hebrew
University and National Library in Jerusalem.
Let me know if you (or anyone else) succeeds.
Good hunting!

Jonathan D. Safren
Dept. of Biblical Studies
Beit Berl College
44905 Israel-hebrew at franklin.oit.unc.edu

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