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Banyai Banyai at
Sat Feb 3 16:04:33 EST 2001

Lee R. Martin wrote:
> Dear Michael,
> I noticed several words in your post like "possible" and "might be" and "may
>  be".  I
> am not trying to be argumentative or difficult, but I see no tangible
>  evidence for
> your theory.


Well beyond humour, I am not surprised. None of us posseses scrolls pertaining to 
the biblical texts, but predating their redaction in the form we already have. So 
everything one says must remain a supposition. 

There is some logical support for my hypothesis in the hebrew nomenclature of the 
bible texts. There is maybe the posibility to distinguish stylistically between 
the supposedly pasted texts and the rest of the text, wherein they are embeded, 
so to see some evidence, the texts announced by begin-title/end-title would come 
from a separate hand. 
I can not do such a vast survey for the purpose of our chat, so out of fairness, 
I add everywhere a relativating maybe, possible, might be.

This has to do with probity, not with some nebula.

Best regards, and in fact you are right (in fact me too).

Bányai Michael 

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