Isaiah 45

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Fri Feb 2 13:45:01 EST 2001

The discussion of Isaiah 45 and the mention of Cyrus as 'messiah' ran a few
bells in my head.  I find it ironic that one of the greatest monotheists in
the Hebrew Bible, often hailed as the highpoint of First Testament theology by
many, would invoke such a 'free' hermeneutic that would allow him to interpret a
Marduk worshipper as the heir to the Davidic line/office.  There seems to be an
ironic dimension here.  I am interested in looking at some of the hermeneutics
involved in this ironic form of monotheism, but have noted that finding articles
and essays that bear directly on it are hard to find using the usual scholarly
search engines (OT Abstracts, etc).  I am assuming the issues have been
addressed, but in articles or essays or books that may not come up with those
key word searches.  Anyone that has any favorite articles addressing Isaiah 45
and Cyrus and would like to contribute that to my current search would be

- Gary D. Salyer

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