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Well, I disagree with both of your renderings, for reasons which were
discussed exhaustively on this list a few months ago. So let's not get into
this argument about the meaning of Gen 1:1 again. There are enough thousands
of verses in the Bible that we need to get past the first one.

Peter Kirk

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Same thing, no?
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> Hi Jonathan
> Others have it - In the beginning of God's creating...
> Ashley
> > Gen. 2:4a yes; Gen. 2:4b no, because it is the incipit to the second
> > creation narrative, paralleling in structure the incipit to the first
> story
> > in Gen. 1:1. There, the first words should be understood as "When God
> began
> > to create. So already Rashi, later Umberto Cassuto and many moderns.

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