creatio ex nihilo

Lewis Reich lewreich at
Fri Feb 2 22:49:35 EST 2001

On 2 Feb 01, at 11:03, David Stabnow wrote:

> While the account in Genesis does not require ex nihilo, this doctrine was
> reinforced, for the Christian, in Hebrews 11:3 -- "what is seen has been
> made from things that are not visible" (EIS TO MH EK FAINOMENWN TO
> BLEPOMENON GEGONENAI).  I say this only to explain why some hold the
> position, not to argue for it.

I am curious how this verse was seen as supporting ex nihilo.  I'd have 
thought that "things that are not visible" are not the same as "nothing"; that 
a thing is not visible does not mean that is no-thing. (I ask this not to argue 
the position, but to understand how the verse was understood by those 
who took the position.)

Lewis Reich

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