Psalm 12:5-7

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at
Fri Feb 2 19:12:18 EST 2001

Dear Ted,

You wrote:

>   Regarding Ps.12:5-7, I recently read the following statement in a
>locally generated theological journal.  This was in reference to the
>providential preservation of the Bible issue:
>"... it is... probable that verse 7 ('Thou shall keep them... thou shalt
>preserve them') is not... referring to 'the words of the Lord' in verse 6.
> The Hebrew term for 'them' (twice in v. 7) is masculine, while the term
>for 'words' is feminine.  Therefore, most interpreters and versions
>understand the promise of preservation in verse 7 to apply to the 'poor'
>and 'needy' of verse 5."
>   I wonder if this is also the consensus among the list members.

I agree with the statement you quote. I do not have the NASB to compare
with my NIV.

			Harold Holmyard

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