Isaiah 45

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Have you tried the Elenchus or RAMBI?
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> Folks:
> The discussion of Isaiah 45 and the mention of Cyrus as 'messiah' ran a
> bells in my head.  I find it ironic that one of the greatest monotheists
> the Hebrew Bible, often hailed as the highpoint of First Testament
theology by
> many, would invoke such a 'free' hermeneutic that would allow him to
interpret a
> Marduk worshipper as the heir to the Davidic line/office.  There seems to
be an
> ironic dimension here.  I am interested in looking at some of the
> involved in this ironic form of monotheism, but have noted that finding
> and essays that bear directly on it are hard to find using the usual
> search engines (OT Abstracts, etc).  I am assuming the issues have been
> addressed, but in articles or essays or books that may not come up with
> key word searches.  Anyone that has any favorite articles addressing
Isaiah 45
> and Cyrus and would like to contribute that to my current search would be
> appreciated.
> - Gary D. Salyer

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