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> I see your argument and it is a serious objection to my theory. But, since
> I find
> the idea worth to be pursued, I´ll propose to your attention following 
> possibility:
> the sequence title - end title might very well make sense, since usually
> by any
> scroll, the beginning, which is scrolled to the exterior is much more
> exposed
> than the rest of the text. It might therefore in many cases be damaged,
> either by
> rodents or by humidity. So what do if we´ve lost the important
> introduction,
> classifying the document? Than take a look at the end, if there is
> anything left
> of, to get the information about the nature of the document. 
> So is the example of Michael DePangher,of Gen. 1,1 and Gen. 2,4a (not 2.4b
> as
> Jonathan D. Safren objected) interesting :
> Gen 1,4a "These are the creations of the heavens and the earth when they
> where
> created."

Just a suggestion regarding the concluding formula.  Would it possibly be the 
case that this would be used when there were several works on the same scoll? 
 Then the formula "In the book of nnn it is written" would mean that this was 
found on the scroll that had this opening formula though it might, in fact, 
be an entirely different work.

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