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We do have Psalm 18 quoted, with a superscription but no "end title", in 2
Samuel 22. Also a long compilation from various psalms in 1 Chronicles 16,
with a superscription (verse 7) and a response (verse 36b) which looks
interestingly similar to Psalm 106:48, which is probably the closure to Book
IV of the Psalms. Of course these have their own uncertain textual
histories, but the evidence of Psalm 106:48 suggests to me that at least
Chronicles is quoting from the book of Psalms in a form similar to what we
have now.

Peter Kirk

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In short, is there extrabiblical support for this practice?  (I'm assuming
that we don't really have any clear examples of both source and citation
within the Hebrew Bible itself.)  And if there is, how would you
distinguish a use of the formula that genuinely cites a prior source from
one that adapts the formula for other stylistic purposes?

Trevor Peterson

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