Psalm 12:5-7

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Thu Feb 1 17:03:46 EST 2001

Greetings all.

   I just joined the list and this is my first post; I hope it's
reasonably intelligent.
   Regarding Ps.12:5-7, I recently read the following statement in a
locally generated theological journal.  This was in reference to the
providential preservation of the Bible issue:

"... it is... probable that verse 7 ('Thou shall keep them... thou shalt
preserve them') is not... referring to 'the words of the Lord' in verse 6.
 The Hebrew term for 'them' (twice in v. 7) is masculine, while the term
for 'words' is feminine.  Therefore, most interpreters and versions
understand the promise of preservation in verse 7 to apply to the 'poor'
and 'needy' of verse 5."

   I wonder if this is also the consensus among the list members.   
   I also notice that there is what seems to me to be a considerable
difference between the NIV and NASB on these verses.  What accounts for
such significant variations?

Many thanks.

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