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Lee R. Martin lmartin at
Thu Feb 1 13:25:16 EST 2001

Dear Michael,
I do not think your theory is reasonable.  An introductory word at the beginning of a
scroll is understandable, but the concluding repetition would be unnecessary.  Also,
the content of ten verses is not long enough to fill a scroll.
I am not and expert on scrolls, so I will concede that the practice of inclusio was
done if you will point me to some examples from extant scrolls.
Thank you,
Lee R. Martin
COG Theol. Seminary

Banyai Michael wrote:

> This has a simple explanation: since the hebrew traditionally used rolls
> for
> their books, they rolled them up to see their contents, which information
> usually
> offered the first couple of sentences in the roll.
> So reading:


Lee R. Martin
Pastor, Prospect Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee

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