Titles of Books of the Bible

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Here is a list of the English and Hebrew book names (in English order) as
given in BHS, with pointing added, in this list's standard encoding. The )
and B at the end of some names of course stand for numbers, and are not
really relevant to the Hebrew text.

Peter Kirk

Genesis 	B.:R")$IYT
Exodus 	W:)"L.EH $:MOWT
Leviticus 	WAY.IQ:RF)
Numbers 	B.:MID:B.AR
Deuteronomy 	)"L.EH HAD.:BFRIYM
Joshua 	Y:HOW$U(A
Judges 	$OP:+IYM
Ruth 	RW.T
1 Samuel 	$:MW.)"L )
2 Samuel 	$:MW.)"L B
1 Kings 	M:LFKIYM )
2 Kings 	M:LFKIYM B
1 Chronicles 	D.IB:R"Y HAY.FMIYM )
2 Chronicles 	D.IB:R"Y HAY.FMIYM B
Ezra 	(EZ:RF)
Nehemiah 	N:XEM:YFH
Esther 	)ES:T."R
Job 	)IY.OWB
Psalms 	T:HIL.IYM
Proverbs 	MI$:L"Y
Ecclesiastes 	QOHELET
Song of Songs	$IYR HA$.IYRIYM
Isaiah 	Y:$A(:YFH
Jeremiah 	YIR:M:YFH
Lamentations 	)"YKFH
Ezekiel 	Y:XEZ:Q")L
Daniel 	D.FNIY.")L
Hosea 	HOW$"(A
Joel 	YOW)"L
Amos 	(FMOWS
Obadiah 	(OBAD:YFH
Nahum 	NAXW.M
Habakkuk 	X:ABAQ.W.Q
Zephaniah 	C:PAN:YFH
Haggai 	XAG.AY
Zechariah 	Z:KAR:YFH
Malachi 	MAL:)FKIY

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I would like to ask a question about the convention among Jews for
naming titles of books of the Bible.  A friend who was Jewish once
told me, if I remember right, that Jews call the books of the Bible by
the same name as the first word in that particular book.  For example,
Exodus is called "The Book of Names" because the first significant
Hebrew word in Exodus is "These are the names etc."  Similarly is the
"Book of Words" and the Book of Days."

Can anyone tell me what Jews call the books of the Hebrew Bible from
Genesis to Malachi? (yes, I know Jews order the books differently,
too).  I have a copy of the JPS Tanakh but it apparently calls the
books by conventional Christian names.


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