virgin: _BETHULAH_ and/or _(ALMAH_

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at
Thu Feb 1 05:04:26 EST 2001

Dave Washburn <dwashbur at> wrote on 31-01-2001 20:37:

> I get the extinct feeling that this entire topic has degenerated into
> several people talking right past one another...

Hallo Dave!
Well, apparently this one is for me. In case you do not like responses to
your contributions to the list, add that information to you messages. So we
can ignore your messages safely.
And if you want to skip the discussion on lexicography of the Hebrew word
(lmh and Ugaritic Glmt, to jump to the conclussion that it has to mean
"virgin" feel free. But do not answer my messages in that case.

In each case, I'm off too.




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