Hebrew search (vowels)

Pere Casanellas pere.casanellas at btlink.net
Mon Dec 31 19:51:01 EST 2001

Dear list members,

I want to search all the words in the WTT that have a patah followed by a 
yod. So I enter in the
Command Line (from left to right): a dot, an asterisk, a vav, a question 
mark with a patah below it, and another asterisk.

The program finds 3413 verses, 587 forms and 4029 hits. It fails to find a 
lot of forms that have patah followed by yod. For example, in Gen 1:14 (the 
first verse it finds) it has found the form "hayyom", but not the first 
word of the verse: "wayyomer" (nevertheless it has found "wayhyosifu" in 
other verses!). In Gen 1:15 it did not find "hashshamayim", etc., etc.

Am I missing anything? With previous versions (4, 5 beta...) I had no 
problem doing such vowel searches...

Happy new year 2002.

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