Greek vs. Hebrew

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A few additional comments on this.

We need to shift our focus when moving from NT Textual criticism to a
discussion of the relationship between the MT and LXX. The traditional
approach with the NT is to make the goal of TC the recovery of the
autographs. If you make that your goal with a book like Daniel you are
certainly going to end up being frustrated.

Ted's unspoken assumption seems to be that "Authority" resides with the
autographs. When it comes to much of the OT,  one might be better off to
think of "Authority" residing with canonicity, the autographs being somewhat
of an unattainable target.

The study of the LXX/MT relationships has a lot of exegetical payoff other
than the quest for the elusive "original text." Looking at how an LXX
translator handled a Hebrew passage is like reading an ancient commentary on
the Hebrew.



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