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> From earlier posts I have learned that the Greek OT predates the earliest
> copy of the MT by a number of centuries.  I'm interested to know how OT
> textual critics weigh these two sources.  That is, for example, is the
> Greek OT generally considered more authoritative because it is closer in
> time to the autographs than the later MT?


This is a very complicated subject. Here is some recommended reading all
titles by Emanuel Tov:

***Start with this book, there is a 2nd edition :

Textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible / Emanuel Tov. Minneapolis :
Fortress Press ; Assen/Maastricht : Van Gorcum, c1992.

***See if there is a newer edition of this title available:

889. ‹‹‹. "The Text-Critical Use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research."
(Jerusalem Biblical Studies ; 3). 350 p . Jerusalem: Simor Ltd, 1981.

***And then weed through this list and pick out a few likely titles:

865. Tov, Emanuel. "The 5th Fascicle of Margolis' The Book of Joshua in
Greek : [Newly Discovered Photostat of Lost Pt; Tables]." Jewish Quarterly
Review 74 (1984): 397-407.

866. ‹‹‹. "The CATSS Project - a Progress Report." 7th Congress of the
International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies, Leuven 1989.,
157-63. Atlanta: Scholars Pr, 1991.

867. ‹‹‹. "The Composition of 1 Samuel 16-18 in the Light of the Septuagint
Version : [Appendices Listing Greek and Hebrew Variances]." Empirical Models
for Biblical Criticism., 97-130. Philadelphia, Pa: Univ of Pennsylvania Pr,

870. ‹‹‹. "The Contribution of the Qumran Scrolls to the Understanding of
the LXX." Septuagint, Scrolls and Cognate Writings., 11-47. Atlanta:
Scholars Pr, 1992.

871. ‹‹‹. "Did the Septuagint Translators Always Understand Their Hebrew
Text : [Disc of Untranslated Words, Guesses, Reliance on Parallelism, Use of
General Words, and Etymological Renderings]." Septuaginta, De., 53-70.
Mississauga, Ontario: Benben Pubns, 1984.

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883. ‹‹‹. "The Rabbinic Tradition Concerning the "Alterations" Inserted into
the Greek Pentateuch and Their Relation to the Original Text of the LXX."
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Society of Biblical Literature, 1972. (Septuagint and Cognate Studies ; No
2). P. 3-15.1972.

After you have read a few of these then you will understand why I am not
going to attempt an answer to your question.



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