Hosea and LXX

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Sat Dec 29 18:02:01 EST 2001

There are several, e.g. the often-used MIM.EN.U "from him" and the 

> Where is there a case where the suffix "nu" means "him"?
> shoshanna
> Hi!  In the case of Hosea 12:5, you don't have to posit any difference
> between the actual TEXT of the masoretic version of the Hebrew and the
> speculative Hebrew original that was used to produce the LXX.  The
> difference is in UNDERSTANDING the "nu" suffix -- is it a standard case of
> "nu" meaning "us" or is it a case of "nu" meaning "him", which would be
> exceptional as a suffix to "(im" ("with"), but is either the norm or a
> common variant with many other prepositions and verbs.
> Best wishes
> Naama
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