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Dear Uri,
I did study Arabic for about two months
on my own with a tape. I understood from
that course that all these letters should be
pronounced differently, including the
aleph and the ayin, which has not yet been mentioned.
I could not for the life of me hear the
difference between the members of these pairs,
and finally gave up. Is there any hope or is it
a lost cause?

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>      Liz, re your question," do you distinguish tet from tav" Of course
> one should, since these are totally different letters in all Semitic
> languages. The distinction is lost among  modern Heb. speakers, even among
>  most of Non= Ashkenzi origin speakers.
>      The tet is one of the emphatics, the others being  sad and dad, to
> use their Arabic names; of the latter, the sad is the bib. Heb. Tsadi; the
> dad was lost already in bib. Heb. where it appears as a Tsadi (in Early
> Aram. as Q,in later Aram as ayin).
>      The kof ,scholarly transliterated as Q, is also a totally different
> letter from Kaf., and should be pronounced differently.
>                  Uri
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