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> shalom Mathias
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> >Although the Israelis of European origin do not distinguish 
> >khaf from het, Hebrew speakers of biblical times certainly did. 
> And many today.
> >Is it a widespread use in the academic community to call "khet" 
> >the letter whose name was pronounced something like [He:t] with 
> >"pharyngal h", or is there an alternative widespread name like 
> >"hhet" or "" or anything else ? It is a precision which can 
> >have a strong teaching impact, isn't it ? <
> Many people still correctly pronounce the Het as a pharyngeal fricative
> here in Israel and abroad, especially when reading scripture.
> (Our teachers and recorded materials for the courses at 
> all distinguish Het from xaf in pronunciation.)
If the het is a pharingial fricative, what is the kaf?
and do you distinguish tet from tav?
> shabbat shalom
> Randall Buth
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