Hello out there

JWE jwe1 at home.com
Thu Dec 20 18:23:59 EST 2001

Hey Steve!

While Charles David Isbell's gracious offer is the BEST way to go, I would like
to humbly suggest an additional resource which you may want to use as a
supplement to direct teaching; it is a website called the "Ancient Hebrew
Research Center"  The URL for the homage is:


The page to actually learn Hebrew is :


On the "Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew" page the person that created the pages
has placed RealAudio examples so you can hear the lesson as well as read along
with it.

Please understand that I'm not a Scholar like most of the good people on the BH
mailing list, I just read the post's from the different Scholar's and TRY to
understand what they are talking about (and once in a while I actually
understand their point).    ;^)

I hope this will be helpful.

G-d Bless,
Mr. J.W. Embry

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