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Nelson Morales wrote:

> What was the used of the word Wicked in the Bible, related to Biblical
> Hebrew??
> What is its meaning? What persons apply?? Only gentiles or hebrews too?
> Thanks, NM

The word most often translated "wicked" is _RF$F(_ (resh-shin-ayin).
"Wicked" is the antonym of _CADIYQ_ (tsade-daleth-qof) "righteous."  (_RF(_
is also sometimes translated "wicked," but more often it is translated

NIDOTTE says:  "It connotes disloyalty to Yahweh, rebellion against the
covenant standards, and total disregard for the welfare of fellow citizens
(Hubbard, 143). Like wisdom and folly, righteousness and wickedness do not
refer to specific acts performed in a moment of decision. Rather, they
signify chosen patterns of life and ingrained attitudes/dispositions."

It applies to any person who is ungodly.  It applies to Gentiles, but also
to those Hebrews who are, in practice, atheists.  The wisdom writers warn
their Jewish audience not to be wicked.  Some of Israel's and Judah's kings
were described as wicked (2 Chron 20:35; 22:3).  The exile from Jerusalem
was attributed to the wickedness of God's people (Ezek 5:6; 18:20, 27;
33:12, 19).

Dave Stabnow

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