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Slight correction: Merry Christmas = Hag Molad Sameah.
Which I wish all Christian members of the list.
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> Ian asked: "what's the Hebrew for Merry Christmas?"
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> Most Hebrew speakers don't say it often <g>, but it is HaG  ha-MoLaD.
> Small bit of jocularity:
> The only Jewish boy in a small town asked his father what to say when his
> teacher asked all the students to tell the class what they had done for
> Christmas.  The father replied.  "Tell her that every Christmas eve, just
> after Daddy closes the only jewelry store in town, our family gathers
> together, totals up all the sales receipts, holds hands, and sings What A
> Friend We Have in Jesus."
> Shalom,
> Charles David Isbell
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