Masoretic Marking in Deut 1:36

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Sat Dec 15 10:28:32 EST 2001

Hi Mark,

It might be an typographical error of BHS: BHK (2nd ed.) does read the
zaqeph gadol here in its normal fashion, as does Snaith. The facs. of Codex
L. is hard to read here (but I do not have a loupe...), so that does not
help very much. Considering the fact that the other editions did read it in
its normal shape, suggests that BHS just made a mistake.

Raymond de Hoop

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> Onderwerp: Masoretic Marking in Deut 1:36
> Hi Everyone,
> I am doing some research on Deut 1:36 and have noticed an accent that I
> have not seen before.  Halfway through the verse above ya'an there is what
> looks like a zaqeph magnum, except that it is backwards.  Is this simply
> another way of indicating the disjunctive magnum, or is it something
> different?
> Thanks!
> Mark
> PS.  I also note that the Samaritan Pentateuch has kiy rather than ya'an.
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