qatal vs. katab

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Apart from the "heavyweight" reference grammars such as Gesenius, or the 
2-volume :
Jouon, Paul, and Takamitsu Muraoka. A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew. Vol. 
14/I. Orthography and Phonetics: Morphology.
Vol. 14/II. Syntax: Paradigms and Indices. .
Subsidia Biblica. Rome: Pontifical Biblical Institute 1991.

I would suggest:

A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar
Christo H.J. van der Merwe
Jackie A. Naudé
Jan H. Kroeze
Biblical Languages 3: Hebrew

which is available in printed form from Sheffield Academic Press, or from 
Logos in a most useful electronic form ( see )

At 15:28 14/12/01, Christian Hoffmann wrote:

>Dear haverim,
>Not so long we discussed the choice of qatal as the paradigmatic stem for
>Hebrew verb grammar. We went through all the possible combinations, sorting
>out unwanted consonants, like
>aleph, he, waw, khet, yod, ayin, resh: weak letters -> weak stems, rarely
>beth, kaph, pe: change of hardness with veth, khaph, fe
>mem: is also a prefix
>nun, taw: occur in weak stems
>As a result, letters like
>gimel, dalet, zayin, tet, lamed, samekh, tsade, qoph, sin, shin.
>will remain. qatal is one possible combination. I don't remember which else
>seemed attractive.
>Does anybody know a written source for this kind of reasoning?
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