qatal vs. katab

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Fri Dec 14 10:28:27 EST 2001

Dear haverim,

Not so long we discussed the choice of qatal as the paradigmatic stem for
Hebrew verb grammar. We went through all the possible combinations, sorting
out unwanted consonants, like

aleph, he, waw, khet, yod, ayin, resh: weak letters -> weak stems, rarely
beth, kaph, pe: change of hardness with veth, khaph, fe
mem: is also a prefix
nun, taw: occur in weak stems

As a result, letters like

gimel, dalet, zayin, tet, lamed, samekh, tsade, qoph, sin, shin.

will remain. qatal is one possible combination. I don't remember which else
seemed attractive.

Does anybody know a written source for this kind of reasoning?

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