Ending on a vowel?

Jonathan D. Safren yonsaf at beitberl.ac.il
Thu Dec 13 05:27:41 EST 2001

Somehow I am bothered by the use of the paradigm verb qatal (kill) in this
day and age. Wouldn't katab (write) or $pt (judge, rule, save) be more
suitable for scholars specializing in Hebrew Bible?
What was good for Gesenius is not necessarily good for us.
Jonathan D. Safren
Dept. of Biblical Studies
Beit Berl College

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> How abot a perfectly ordinary 2nd person masc. sing. perfect verb like
> qatalta?
> Soren, Cph
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> > Yes. But the only permitted word final vowel point (apart from a silent
> > shewa in a kaph or on a final consonant cluster) is qamets, and then
> > following kaph and nun.
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