Genesis 1:6

Dan Dyke dan.dyke at
Wed Dec 12 20:38:03 EST 2001

mbdl = hiphil masculine singular participle

Participles in some forms add the m to make that particular form.

The L is an inseparable preposition - it means something like "to" or one 
of a few other meanings.

>Dear members,
>I cannot understand something on Genesis 1:6.
>with my basic Hebrew:
>1)Why does the root BDL take the letter Mem transforming it in MBDL? What 
>is the difference in the translation between BDL and MBDL?
>2) Why does the word MYM takes the letter Lamed transforming it in LMYM? 
>What is the difference in the translation between MYM and LMYM?
>Thanks for any answer in advance,
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